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Experience the magic of Personal Transformation through the amazing Incredible Me® designed by Success Strategist ShafiqZee and be what you want to be.  

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What is Incredible Me?

The Incredible Me® is a 7 weeks duration personal transformation system designed by Success Strategist ShafiqZee. This amazing systematic approach inspires to become an Incredible Person to all of those who have committed to overcome personal and professional obstacles and take control of their lives to move up to next levels and have decided to choose nothing but SUCCESS.

This powerful program has proven to be amazingly useful for individuals who are truly driven with the passion and desire to take control of their life to next level

During your amazing transformation journey a Certified Incredible Me® Program coach will be assigned to you who will guide you step by step through IM® Success System.

Here is what you will achieve through the 7 week coaching.

  • Learn to develop a strategy to gain Financial Freedom
  • Reprogram your belief system.
  • Discover ways to succeed to become self-dependent.
  • Become more in control of your emotions and attitudes
  • Discover your drivers, motivators and action markers to lead your life
  • Discover ways to improve interpersonal and intra-personal relationships and communication
  • Learn the ways to live happier, livelier and fulfilling life
  • Create your own exclusive IM® Success Blueprint




Yes! I want to transform myself into the person I always wanted to be By Clicking this link, I am taking the first step

Success Strategy

IM® is a Success Strategy for people from all walk of life and for everyone. This is truly a Personal Development Program for the people by the people. Success Strategist ShafiqZee has used IM® with his clientele for over 15 years and impacted the life of thousands of expats and multinationals from more than 100 countries including those residing in GCC and MENA region.

He has now brought The Incredible Me® for you which is a proven success system, so that you can also achieve success and enrichment in your life!

The 7 Week IM® Success System uses proven success strategies and self-empowered accountability. You will be master of your own game.

Start your journey of Successful Transformation

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The ultimate 07 weeks unique Personal Transformation System designed by Success Strategist ShafiqZee, that will completely transform you into a person you always dream to become.

This Step by Step methodology has brought huge success in the lives of thousands of people. This is truly a System that delivers yours desired Results.

As you continue your journey in the IM® program you will start to experience the change that you always desired.

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I invite you to experience and adapt the transformation you always dream about, that will transform into Incredible You where you can proudly say to yourself, I am Incredible Me®.

You really should not be bothering about those complicated motivational speeches which are short lived and their effects evaporate in thin air as soon as they are over. I invite you to experience the real life changing system that will transform your life.

A person can gain enormous confidence, self determination and independency after following the simple techniques learned from IM® System.

You are invited to learn the secret of the same amazing System created by Success Strategist ShafiqZee that has impacted the life of thousands of people from over 100 nationalities including those residing in GCC and MENA region.

If you want to take your life from Now to Wherever you want it to be, if you want to set and achieve your personal and professional goals, if you want to improve relationships with loved ones and if you have decided Enough is Enough, ShafiqZee’s IM® will show you the HOW Factor.

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